homeschooling real books and graded readers

I use many real books in our homeschooling some chosen from the Tapestry of Grace reading list and some from the Sonlight list, but even though we do read “real books” I have always had on hand graded readers. Maybe it’s the teacher in me that cannot let go of them, but I like having my children read one story a week from a graded reader. I guess it’s kind of like my safety net. I know they are reading on grade level and that gives me a sense of …we are doing something right.

Here are my two favorite sets of readers. One reason being the stories are good and wholesome and they are not expensive.  I also purchase the workbooks that go along with the pathway readers to make sure vocabulary development is also on grade level.

I will say my middle school children don’t always like reading from the reader and doing the vocabulary work, but then again school doesn’t always have to be fun….it just has to be done.🙂

Pathway readers

Christian light readers

Throw in an inexpensive English and math book and you have a solid inexpensive basic curriculum for your homeschool.

Climbing to Good English

Saxon math

Rod and Staff math

Teaching Textbook workbook only

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